Pumice Stone - Maintain Healthy Calluses

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Flappers hurt, but what hurts more is sitting out.

Keep your calluses in check by maintaining them with our natural pumice stone. These stones are unlike what you'll find in the convenience store because they haven't been broken down into pieces and glued back together in cool shapes. 

Found naturally on the side of volcanoes, pumice has long been used in skin maintenance techniques. The rigid pores of our pumice stones make them an excellent choice for sanding down calluses. Remember, you are only looking to sand your calluses down to a functional level with the rest of your hand. Too deep and it may cause pain, not enough and you are still at risk of getting them caught. 

Best practice is to soak or run your hands in water and then rub the stone over your calluses once they soften. However, everybody's skin is different and you may find that you like to sand your calluses when your hands are dry.