Callus Clipper - Keep Hands, Toes, and Skin Healthy

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Easy to use, even easier to carry around. 

Calluses are on your hands for a reason - to keep the underlying, vulnerable skin safe. Often times however, your calluses become so big that they can hinder your performance and actually cause the flapper in the first place. 

Our callus clipper is uniquely designed to trim off areas of loose or ripped callus. This allows it to function as a maintenance tool, as well as a repair tool. 

Make sure you clean your flappers as best you can with antibacterial soap and clean water before you begin clipping off the dead skin.

Another great way to care for your calluses is with a natural pumice stone. You can find ours by clicking here

We also know how important it is to keep fingernails at bay before a send, our callus clipper is perfect for trimming back nails that are getting in the way.

Each callus clipper comes with our custom Ascend keychain. Attach to your bag and never worry about forgetting it at home. Oh, did we mention the keychain is made of survival para-cord and comes with a stick of flint? This one is for our adventurers out there.